It’s Pruning Time


It’s that time of year again….no matter what is going on in the world, global pandemic, national lockdown, home schooling! Nothing gets in the way of nature and the life cycle of a vine. Whilst our 9000 vines are lying dormant in this changeable end to another winter, this time of year is actually quite an exciting one in the vineyard, its pruning time.

Pruning is an essential part of the vine growing process. It is necessary to ensure that our vines remain healthy and able to produce an excellent harvest year on year. Our brilliant team prune, train, tuck in and then eventually harvest, and are working exceptionally hard in the elements to shape our vines ready for the forthcoming season.

Pruning does not only aid development of a bountiful yield, it ensures that the individual vines retain their shape and are trained along the trellises that you will all recognise in a typical vineyard.

We take it down to the very base, taking all the individual branches or ‘canes’ away except one. We leave the dominant cane to be trained along the wire giving the vine the best chance possible to grow, bud, flower and eventually produce the most amazing grapes for our award winning wines. 

We are already so excited for the spring, to see the sun shine and feel the warmth in the air, bringing on the next stage in the life of our beautiful vines.