As we hurtle through July and into the summer months we find ourselves at the next stage in the
lifecycle of our vines, and it is well under way, we are now ‘Flowering’.

As a rule the flowering stage begins to happen from April to May but due to our unseasonably late
frosts that continued right into April we are about a month behind. This current sunshine is just
perfect however and never fear our vines are now blooming.

Each flower cluster will eventually become a bunch of grapes so it is very exciting when you see
these appearing all over the vines. We take a wander out every day to see how they are progressing
and it never fails to amaze. Unlike other plants, vines are usually able to self-pollinate or they rely on
the wind to aid this process and it is these pollinated flowers that will eventually become a grape
and that is when ‘fruit set’ happens.

Sunlight plays such an important role in the development of the vine and its yield of grapes, it is the
process of combining carbon dioxide and water to create sugars, called Photosynthesis, that powers
the growth and strength and ripening of the grape. So good weather at this time of year is essential,
we not only want the good weather for our own enjoyment we need it for the successful growth of
our vines.

In order for the sunlight to get to the flower clusters we strip back some of the leaves and tuck in the
wayward shoots, this allows maximum sunshine and warmth to get to the future grapes. Our
brilliant team have just completed this task so we now sit back, let nature do its thing and wait for
our grapes to appear.