April and May are perhaps the most important months in the lifecycle of a vine. It is at this crucial
time, whilst the vines are waking up from their hibernation, that we eagerly await the first sightings
of buds appearing. In the winter months when the temperature drops, vines lay dormant, it’s
nature’s way of protecting them from the ice and frost.


When temperatures increase and we enter springtime the vines burst into life and begin to produce new shoots. These unfurling leaves create
great excitement in the vineyard, it signifies spring and new life.

We absolutely love watching our 9000 vines come alive but it is not without its trials and
tribulations. Every year our climate seems to become more and more unpredictable and this year is
with no exception. The late frosts and very cold nights that we have had recently can destroy a vine
that is no longer dormant. A vine that has buds on it is very delicate and extremely vulnerable so we
have to take measures to try and prevent frost damage and protect our vines.

Our frost fan is an invaluable addition to our vineyard, whilst other vineyards have suffered
extensive destruction to their vines during late, harsh frosts, we are very lucky and have yet again
evaded irreparable damage. From the beginning of April this amazing piece of machinery has come
on at night when the temperature has dictated and has blown the cold air away from our vines and
prevented them freezing.

So now our buds have burst and our vines are in full swing we sit back and watch these beautiful
plants grow and develop and wait for the next major phase which is flowering.